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3 minutes of the production of the battery is no guarantee to buy

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t is understood that the number of market traders quickly customized mobile phone battery, the shortest time of 3 minutes can make a block, while the battery is damaged, the merchant refused to replace this to remind the public that the customized mobile phone standby time is short, no warranty, but also prone to explosion, for safety reasons, these batteries may not buy.

3 minutes to make the battery

The business staff to find out the electric length of the core thickness and people close to the mobile phone from a stack of batteries, with universal battery box and universal protection board and other materials, and then paste the black packaging production is complete. The whole process takes less than 3 minutes.

This custom cell appearance and normal cell no difference, but feels rough. After the installation of the phone can be used normally, only the power is only 2/3.

According to the business staff said, this kind of 30 dollars a time to make the battery with a number of longer than others. The market for those 10 dollars, 15 dollars of custom battery, are generally used to recycle the waste core to do, it is easy to explode.

In other cities, there have been cases of cell phone battery explosion, there are people who were burned. And the explosion of mobile phone batteries, more for this type of custom battery. Therefore, for their own safety, it is recommended to buy as little as possible this type of custom battery.


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