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A day to say goodbye? Intelligent device how to break through life nightmare

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Since the use of intelligent mobile phone that day, every day we worry much like: battery life. Yes, in the NOKIA era, we do not have to worry about these issues, but with the mobile phone configuration monster upgrade, the body of the devil as slender, smart phone battery technology as if.

Electronic equipment, no electricity, is a brick, is really desperate ah. So you have to turn a day into a life habit, the mobile power as a must.

Two years ago, we looked to the future of the "future" battery: the battery can be replaced, the battery capacity upgrade, charging more convenient, faster, more environmentally friendly battery material...... Two years later, these visions are realized in varying degrees, but one day is still a charge can not break the spell, the battery technology does not seem to have a substantial breakthrough.

In the "improvement of 4S iPhone battery life," we found a good way to save the battery...... But you want to use the phone's alarm clock function? Come on, why do you use a few thousand pieces as the alarm clock?

This Yinyefeishi joke is more. Battery really did not save it? ReadWrite's analysis of the article that the only solution to the problem of battery power, and only a new generation of battery technology.


◆ The basic contradiction of intelligent mobile phone: increasing hardware configuration and the backward battery technology

From the first generation of iPhone in 2007 to the current 5S iPhone, Apple's battery capacity increased from 1400 Ma to 1570 Ma, an increase of only 12%. Although compared to Galaxy S5 after iPhone but inferior by comparison, iterative energy consumption increase, and increase the retina screen and more powerful processors, iOS optimization, let the battery can keep almost endurance. This is not easy.

Although Apple has optimized the software to enhance the efficiency of energy consumption, in practical use, the user experience is still not improved: or one day a charge, or even three charge two.

There are rumors that the next generation of iPhone will have a larger size - 4.7 and 5.5 inches, and their battery will be 1800 Ma and 2500 Ma respectively. It seems that a method to extend the capacity of palliatives, is still the most commonly used method. There is no doubt that the new iPhone still can not improve battery life, after all, the big screen will consume more power.

Come and see Android. Upcoming Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 on the use of L Android, the built-in Volta Project power saving function, up to 36% of the mobile phone battery life can be upgraded.

All in all, the current smart phone, only open source (expansion capacity), throttle (to optimize energy consumption) two ways to increase battery life.

◆ The wearable device also faces challenges

The emergence of wearable devices, the battery is more severe challenges. Limited by the size of the device, manufacturers can not use a larger capacity of the battery. LG G Android Wear smart watches to choose color 1.5 inch touch screen, experience, display effect is perfect. But it lasts for a day and a half.

So, many manufacturers choose to make a compromise on the hardware: Pebble to give up the LCD screen, the use of a more energy-efficient E-ink screen, so to achieve 4-7 days of life. Even many devices do not have a screen, such as Shine, Ringly and UP24 Jawbone.

At least, wearable devices do not like the traditional accessories that, as far as possible the press is not the battery space. Currently there is a new Bluetooth technology BLE, you can greatly reduce the energy consumption of Bluetooth, so that wearable devices more power saving.

But this same palliatives of smart devices, can solve the battery solution, perhaps only the new battery technology.

◆ Where is the new technology?

In fact, engineers are stepping up research every day breakthrough battery technology, some have achieved good results, but rarely able to really put into use.

Graphene batteries, with a smaller space and lighter weight, store more energy, while maintaining stability. Experiments show that the silicon beads can also enhance the capacity of lithium batteries. Micro battery has been redesigned, smaller, larger power.

Today, researchers are also interested in air electrode technology, it can be at a lower cost of mobile phone battery life will be doubled. Battery technology in the study, including carbon nano materials and other nanotubes technology, from the physical reconstruction of the micro structure of the battery, to achieve longer battery life.

These sounds exciting technology, there is not the same can be commercialized, the use of the device in the market.

If there is a glimmer of hope, it may be Amprius. This Silicon Valley start-up company has just invented a new type of lithium battery, the capacity can be increased by about 20% compared to the existing battery. The company has already started shipping, and it has already raised $30 million in financing. They hope to develop a product that is 50% higher than the current capacity of the lithium battery.

Nevertheless, the battery life in the future, still like a mirage is generally out of reach. If the ideal future come too late, maybe it will bring about the development of science and technology is difficult to solve the shackles and bottlenecks.

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