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A new type of porous solid lithium ion battery: avoiding danger of overheating

The article citations:Dongguan Yilink electronics Technology Co.,Ltd Sentiment:-Published time:2016-12-08 15:13:00

The Basic Science Research Institute (IBS) researchers of the Department of chemical science and the self-assembly of complex center and Pohang University of advanced materials, has developed a new type of porous solid state lithium ion battery (LIB), can improve the performance and avoid the risk of overheating.

The porous lithium CB with a simple combination of lithium precursor has high lithium ion conductivity and mobility, and it is a more safe and more secure dry solid lithium electrolyte.

Lithium ion batteries can effectively replace the traditional lead-acid batteries, since the end of 1850s, the lead-acid battery has been used. Due to the advantages of light weight, high energy density and low charge loss, lithium-ion batteries in the field of consumer electronics is highly respected. The lithium battery with cobalt cathode can store four times the energy of the lead acid battery and two times the nickel base battery.

Although the lithium-ion battery is considered to have a superior performance of commercial batteries, but there are still some limitations on the use of. The existing manufacturing technology has almost reached the theoretical energy density limit of lithium ion batteries. Due to thermal overflow overheat, namely "fire", pose a significant challenge for lithium batteries.

Since 2002, lithium ion batteries for consumer electronics, only in the United States on the emergence of nearly 40 cases of fire or explosion. These batteries with different lithium anodes are still an important part of modern consumer electronics, no matter how bad they were.

A completely different approach has been introduced by South Korean researchers. "We have studied the highly anisotropic (orientation dependent) proton conductivity of porous CB[6], which can be used as an electrolyte for a fuel cell," said Dr. KimoonKim, of the Institute of basic science. The lithium ion conductivity of the porous CB[6] electrolyte is probably more secure than the existing material, and the prior battery is prepared by the simple immersion method to prepare the organic solid base electrolyte."

Lithium ion battery technology with good performance of laminated lithium. However, the more light and higher power technology needs to promote the continuous research of new electrolyte.

The new battery developed by molecular composition of the molecular shape of pumpkin, known as cucurbit[6]uril (CB[6]), the distribution of honeycomb structure. The average diameter of the molecular composition of thin one-dimensional channel [single lithium ion of 7.5 about 0.76 or 0.76 * 1010 m] and in the meantime transfer. In addition, the physical structure of the porous CB[6] can make the lithium ion more freely spread than the traditional lithium ion battery, and does not require other batteries in the separator.

The experimental results show that the porous CB solid electrolyte has good Li ion conductivity. Compared with the electrolyte of the existing battery, the research team carried out the determination of lithium ion transport number (tLi +), which was observed at 0.8 to 0.7, more than the existing electrolyte of 0.2-0.5.

In addition, they will be exposed to the new battery temperature up to 373K (99.85 degrees C) in the environment, more than the standard high temperature limit of 80 degrees C. In the experiment, the battery was changed from 298K to 373K (24.85 C to 99.85 C) for four days. Results in any period after the no heat overflow phenomenon, almost no or very slight changes in the conductivity.

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