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Cell phone battery over charge and over put which is more dangerous?

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There are people in the online interrogation: "go mobile phone battery or not full battery charge 90% night to sleep, do you want to continue? (mobile phone battery lithium battery) is filled injury, or charge excess injury?"

Compared to the lead in the performance of the lithium storage, the biggest advantage is the long life cycle, even if the full charge and full discharge, there is no pressure on thousands of times.

But the disadvantage is that the over charging too sensitive, once the charge or over discharge, the battery will be irreversible damage.

In order to deal with the charge off, all the lithium battery power management system are complex and strict (BMS battery, management system), the system will strictly control access to the battery, thus ensuring that the battery has been working in safe condition.


A good cell phone, the power management system is very accurate, even if has been inserted in the charger, also won't charge, even if excessive use, also won't put. So, just use on the line, when the door is not full of electricity, if you do not think soon will automatically shut down even if the, otherwise you still carry a portable power; at night to 90%, you can continue to charge. But for the sake of safety, I suggest you pull it out.

If the power management system of lithium battery is not good enough, so, although the overcharge and overdischarge will lead directly to the battery scrap, but for users, the greater influence over charge, over discharge because, most also is the battery life is terminated, but the expansion of the battery overcharge, or explosion, this big trouble.

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