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Mobile phone to say goodbye to one day a charge! Major advances in battery technology

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The future of mobile phones may be thin half, no longer need to charge a day. Even the high cost of electric vehicles and battery life is short, the problem will be solved, because the world's first dual ion battery technology in the birth of Shenzhen.

According to Science Daily, March 29th, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenzhen Institute researcher Tang Yongbing advanced technology from Germany was informed that their results are published in the International Journal of "advanced energy materials", the German science network reported that this technology will have a significant impact on the existing lithium industry.

At present, the high cost of lithium-ion battery manufacturing, battery waste will cause serious environmental problems, especially the new energy vehicle power battery costs and mileage of the existence of the challenge.

The expert team has developed a new type of high energy density aluminum graphite dual ion battery technology, can create a new, efficient, low-cost energy storage battery. This new type of battery to the positive and negative traditional lithium ion battery electrode was adjusted by graphite instead of cheap and easy to get the current has been applied to lithium ion batteries, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, three yuan or lithium iron phosphate as cathode material of battery; at the same time using aluminum foil as the battery negative electrode materials and the current collector; the conventional lithium carbonate electrolyte and organic solvent composition.


The working principle of the battery is different from the traditional lithium ion battery, the charging process, the cathode graphite occurs anion intercalation reaction, and aluminum cathode aluminum lithium alloy reaction, the discharge process is the opposite. This new reaction mechanism not only significantly improves the working voltage of the battery (3.8 - 4.6V), while significantly reducing the quality of the battery, volume and manufacturing costs, thereby enhancing the overall battery energy density.

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