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Official Launch of High Voltage/Capacity Lithium-ion Polymer Batteries from YiLink (Dongguan)

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“Slim Dimension / High Capacity” has long been the holy grail of the development of lithium-ion polymer batteries.  Through consistent effort the Capacity-Volume Coefficient has now reached 1.3~1.35.  Yet this still falls short of meeting adequately the huge market demand of electronic products.  For this reason, since 2014 YiLink (Dongguan) Electronics has set up a dedicated R&D department with the sole aim to develop products with combined High Voltage and High Capacity characteristics.  After 14 months, on 23rd June 2015 the development work has finally reached fruition, blessed by certification under the “YiLink Group Quality Management and Assurance System” and “Capacity Standard System for Lithium-ion Polymer Batteries”. Official market launch of this product group follows and we are now ready to accept bulk orders.  

Abridged Introduction of High Voltage/Capacity of Lithium-ion Polymer Batteries 

Standard Voltage:3.8v

Saturated Voltage:4.35v

Specification:Applicable to all moulds in current production

Raw Material:Material series featuring pure cobalt


Production Lead Time:8 working days


Advantages offered by High Voltage/Capacity Lithium-ion Polymer Batteries:

1. Capacity

The capacity of our new 3.8V batteries is 10%~15% higher than those which are of 3.7V with similar dimension.

2. Safety 

After subjecting to more than 1,000 times of needle puncturing, heavy weight pressing, high temperature treatment, low temperature treatment and short circuiting etc., the product has passed our highest safety standard and is considered to be ready for official launch.  Its safety standard will be qualified for any international certification requirement for dangerous goods.

3. Working environment

Lowest working temperature:- 40°

Highest working temperature:85°

4. Field of Application

Electronic product/equipment which set stringent demand on capacity and safety standard, such as smartphones, medical equipment, geological exploration equipment, underwater identification equipment, military radar scanners, etc.

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