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One Ling tells you 6 basic knowledge about lithium battery

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What is the capacity of a battery of lithium ion batteries?

The capacity of the battery is divided into the rated capacity and the actual capacity. Battery rating is defined as the design and manufacture of batteries, or to ensure that the battery under certain discharge conditions, the minimum amount of power should be released. Li-ion battery at room temperature, constant current (1C) voltage (4.2V) charge under the condition of controlled charging of 3H, the actual capacity of the battery is the actual battery released under certain discharge conditions, mainly affected by the discharge rate and temperature (therefore, strictly speaking, the battery capacity should be specified in charge and discharge conditions). Common units of capacity are: mAh, Ah=1000mAh).


What is (charge discharge) rate?


Refers to the battery in the specified time to release the current value of its rated capacity, it is equal to the number of battery rated capacity in the data, usually expressed in the letter C. If the nominal battery rated capacity of 600mAh for 1C (1, 300mAh, 0.5C ratio), 6A (600mAh) 10C. and so on.

When the rate and hourly rate, when battery to certain current after the rated capacity of the number of hours required to. If the battery rated capacity of 600mAh, with the 600mAh current after its rated capacity for 1 hours, so that the current 600mAh for 1 hours, and so on.


What is the self discharge rate?


Also known as charge holding capacity, refers to the battery in the open circuit state, the battery storage capacity under certain conditions. Mainly affected by the battery manufacturing process, materials, storage conditions and other factors. Is an important parameter to measure the battery performance.

Note: the battery 100% after the opening of the open circuit, a certain degree of self discharge normal phenomenon. In the GB standard LI-ion after the 20 - 2 C under the conditions open open for 28 days. Battery can be allowed to have the capacity loss.



Battery manufacturing, by charging and discharging the internal negative pole material activation, improve the performance of the battery charge and discharge and self discharge, comprehensive performance of storage is called into battery powder can reflect the real performance after formation after.


What is the content?

In the process of manufacturing, the actual capacity of the battery can not be completely consistent due to process reasons, and the battery can be classified according to the capacity by a certain charge and discharge system.


Why do batteries have to be stored for a period of time before they can be shipped?

Battery storage performance is an important parameter to measure the stability of the overall performance of the battery. After a certain period of time after the battery storage capacity, and allow the battery internal resistance has a certain degree of change. After a period of storage, the electrochemical properties of the internal components can be stabilized, can understand the size of the discharge performance of the battery, so as to ensure the quality of the battery.

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