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Pleasure Trip to Xunliao Bay (Summer 2015)

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As one of the ways to say thank you to the staff for their hard work and sacrifices, YiLink (Dongguan) Electronics (a subsidiary of YiLink Group) organized a two day pleasure trip to Xunliao Bay (Huizhou, Guangdong Province) for the staff on 18/19th July 2015.


Even before arriving at the destination, the atmosphere of the whole travel group was already highly charged, a fitting match to the beautiful scenery, the refreshing breeze and many young beating hearts.

On those two days, everyone got involved in the activities which got them going the most, which included:  Fishing, Swimming, Clams digging, Wind Surfing, Pleasure Boat Cruising, Barbecue, Campfire Party… (These are the ones we know about  …)



Everyone having fun aside (and surely given the chance to relax), individuals got closer and tensions, whatever their origins, dissipated through such events and activities.  The spirit of YiLink extends far beyond its seemingly primary business


objective, it would have been very emaciated if it were unable to realize the desire and aspirations of its staff, or if it were unable to confer kindness and care of all those who spend days on end working in the company premises.


The YiLink Group progresses through continuous growth, never forgetting the company motto: “Cooperation, Development, and Sharing”.  Communication is forever the key to better understanding  between different departments, different individuals and different business entities.  Better understanding gives rise to more effective cooperation towards a common objective.Coupled with hard work and concentration, in an environment of harmony and armed with positive attitude, team spirits can be truly nurtured.  If we could treasure and learn from our experience, we are better equipped to grasp opportunities and meet future challenges.


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