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Pleasure Trip to Yangmeikeng

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YiLink Electronics organized a short pleasure trip to Yangmeikeng for staff members on 24th and 25th September 2016.  

At half-past two on 24th September 2016, everyone set off from the company premises.  The happy and relaxing trip took 2 hours.  Destination: Hummingbird Inn.


See how hygiene-conscious and safety-aware our employees are!


Barbecue begins! 


Our staff are full proficient of starting a barbecue stall business!




Bet these “eating machines” had all summoned their in-born “primeval urge” to tackle the food!


“Post-Barbecue” activities – You name it!

The main activity after breakfast on 25th September was cycling.

Mixed gender riding was the preferred format!


OK, taking in the beautiful sceneries on the way of course was important, but selfies came first!



Final destination: Luzui Villa (The scene of shooting – The Film“Mermaid”)


Elites of YiLink ...


At noon, everyone gathered at Tianran Lake Resort for a self-cooking lunch banquet! 


Our staff were clearly culinary experts in disguise.


Those were without doubt of the Master-Chef Standard.


Post-lunch activities included swimming, photo-taking, surfing, shell picking and ... grapping a much needed and most satisfying nap siesta!


Return journey began at half-past four in the afternoon.  The great finale was a dinner party at Liuyue Villa of Fenggang, not far from our company.

This team-building event was but one of many organized by the company.  If only everyone who had participated felt that they had enjoyed themselves, had got that bit closer to everyone, and had felt more relaxed after busy and hectic working schedules, the management would be more than satisfied.

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