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“Project M1”- Work In Progress (in earnest!)

The article citations:Dongguan Yilink electronics Technology Co.,Ltd Sentiment:-Published time:2016-12-08 11:40:00

YiLink (Dongguan) Electronic Science and Technology Co. Ltd. specializes in the development and manufacturing of Lithium Polymer Batteries.  This autumn (2016) we took an urgent order to produce and deliver a quantity of special batteries with specifications which were not standard to us.  It went without saying that there had to be absolutely no compromise in manufacturing quality.  In response to this order requirement, the “Project M1”group was formed with the sole objective to deliver the product in the quantity and quality within the given timelines.


In order to satisfy the expectation of the customer, YiLink completed a significant capital investment in YiLink (Ganzhou) Jiangxi Industrial Park to increase the production capacity of its Electronics subsidiary there.  A dedicated recruitment program has resulted in the successful appointment of a large number specialist production personnel.  These together increase the daily production output without sacrificing quality. 

Additional production equipment


An increase of 30% in specialist manpower


Burning the midnight oil – It is almost 23:00!


Over the National Day Holiday period, all production staff worked overtime with only one half-day holiday.


Quality first!

Quality takes priority in YiLink Electronics, while the pricing of its products still represents excellent value for money.

YiLink takes the perspective of its customers.  With its production department adhering to the strictest quality/process control and its readiness to increase its output with the enthusiastic support of its staff, we are adamant that our customer must be kept in the strongest possible position in the market, even in the face of stiff competition.  

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