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The implementation of the world's most severe lithium battery standards to rectify the battery industry is imperative

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China's first lithium ion battery mandatory standard GB31241-2014 "portable electronic products with lithium ion batteries and battery safety requirements", in August 1, 2015 the official implementation. A total of 46 test requirements, known as the world's most severe and the most comprehensive standard lithium battery. The introduction of the standard means that the country fully sounded the call to rectify the battery industry. After the implementation, all domestic sales of portable electronic products with lithium ion batteries must meet the requirements of the national standard.

全球最严酷锂电池标准实施 整顿电池行业势在必行

◆ Lithium ion battery quality worrying security issues frequently

Compared with other rechargeable batteries, lithium ion battery has the advantages of high voltage, high specific energy, long charge discharge life, no memory effect, no pollution, fast charging, low self discharge, 1991 to enter the market soon get consumers, widely used in mobile power supply (mobile phone), mobile power (charging treasure), notebook computer, digital cameras and other products with people's lives on. Battery is the key component of all digital devices, not only related to endurance, but also the key to the safety of the entire equipment. Lithium ion battery fever fire and even the explosion of events, this phenomenon is no longer just happen in the cottage electronic products, domestic and foreign well-known Brand Company's products are also involved. Thermal expansion of lithium battery deformation, and even cause fire, explosion, flight delays, etc., to the people's life travel brings great trouble.

◆ Industry norms urgent national standard escort wait and see

In recent years, due to the low threshold of the battery manufacturing industry, competition is getting bigger and bigger, there is a serious violation in the fierce competition in the market. According to insiders, there is a big gap between different vendors in batteries, circuit board materials, copycat manufacturers is the direct purchase of low-quality batteries, circuit board, and then assembled into battery, and the capacity of vacuity, product quality can not be guaranteed, can only rely on the self-discipline of enterprises. Despite the frequent quality problems of products, but consumers and some businesses are hard to protect themselves, the main reason is the lack of national standards, leading consumers in particular the use of the problem according to follow, no claim. Only the implementation of the national mandatory standards can really play an important role in regulating the production behavior, improving the quality of products, safeguarding the interests of consumers and the safety of personal property. The GB 31241-2014 standard, will promote the industry reshuffle, will no doubt from the safety of the lithium market to play a regulatory role, some non-compliance of the vendors and their products will be eliminated, the strength of corporate brand previews in the market, no brand enterprises have to gain a foothold in this industry, the pursuit of quality and safety will be more and more consumers, although the detection cost is temporarily increased, but ultimately based on brand enterprises will benefit from. We have reason to believe that the future of the GB escort, lithium market brand concentration will gradually improve, Quweicunzhen, manufacturing Chinese after years of battery, Japan and South Korea to become the world's most security is expected to surpass the best quality of the battery.

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