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Wearable device battery future - high performance flexible super capacitor

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Recently, researchers have developed a new flexible super capacitor building based on nanowires from MIT, it can be said to be a new generation of ideal energy fitness trackers and other wearable devices.

Life is particularly important for the increasingly popular smart watches and fitness tracker, but we all know that these devices are generally not large, which means that the battery capacity will they too high. The best way is to use a small super capacitor - it can provide fast high-power electric pulse. MIT researchers showed tests on various materials, they found that carbon nanotubes and graphene are among the best, thanks to they have more surface area than other materials, a large surface area means that can accommodate more ions, is more energy.

可穿戴设备电池未来 - 高性能柔性超级电容器

MIT selects the niobium nanowires as the electrode of the micro super capacitor. According to the researchers, the super capacitor has a power density of up to 55W/cc - 3.5 times the carbon nanotube super capacitor. In addition, this capacitor also has the advantages of small size. It is reported that the capacitor does not require any metal support, which can greatly reduce the required space. And its use of niobium, it is relatively rich in natural content of the material, so it will be cheaper to cost.

Although this super capacitor is only limited to the lab, but the researchers said, then they will be designed to create a suitable production version.

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