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Wrong operation mode of polymer battery

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Polymer battery is one of the common new energy battery, but when doing polymer battery, the following operation method is not right, the author thinks that any contact polymer electric core people can not do so.

A polymer batteries on the surface of the plastic film can not be malicious damage, can not use such operating scissors:


If the operator in the production line, but can not take the electric iron core surface


Two, can not deliberately break the pole ear, especially the positive pole ear of lithium batteries, the mechanical strength of the pole ear is not very high, easy to be broken, no bending.


Three, not deliberately breaking the top seal off the lithium batteries. I have warned that the top edge is very vulnerable to damage due to delamination, not bend the top edge.


Four, not deliberately broke the battery side edges, edge has an electric core in the forming process of folded and fixed by the sealing test, repeated opening and bending may lead to fracture of aluminum foil. Do not open or destroy the hem.


Five, the electric core contacts can not squeeze lithium core edges, the corner office is the weakest one, particularly prone to leakage.


Six, the electric core contacts more can not bend the surface of the battery, it is likely to cause internal short circuit.


Seven, the battery can not be the positive and negative electrode ear contact metal objects, if the short circuit, it will lead to serious damage to the battery, and even lead to security incidents.


More than seven points, is each of the polymer lithium battery must be aware of, but also the polymer battery company bosses are the most attention to the details of one, attention to detail in order to improve the yield, but also to reduce safety accidents.

Cause the occurrence of electrical core security risks, mainly due to the occurrence of internal heat out of control caused by the following factors:

1, battery over charge.

2, the battery is over.

3, the battery internal short circuit.

4, the battery external short circuit.

5, the battery abuse, improper use or improper operation caused by.

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