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YiLink (Ganzhou) Open For Business

The article citations:Dongguan Yilink electronics Technology Co.,Ltd Sentiment:-Published time:2016-12-08 14:17:00

The YiLink Group had established an industrial park of 28000 sqm in Ganzhou (Jiangxi Province), known as the YiLink (Jiangxi) Industrial Park, in support of the group’s expansion into the Electronic Industry sector.  While having its own buildings dedicated to lithium-ion polymer battery production, YiLink (Ganzhou) Science and Technology Co. Ltd. also invested in a multitude of advanced production equipment.  Thanks to the hard work of our specialist technical and engineering staff, YiLink (Ganzhou) was fully commissioned and production commenced before summer 2016.


The formal production inauguration of YiLink (Jiangxi) Industrial Park witnesses the production expansion of the business venture of YiLink into the electronic industry sector.  The optimization of production condition allows both raised production efficiency and superior product quality to be achieved, hence better meeting the needs of increasing market demand of YiLink batteries.  Ultimately, customers of YiLink get better served.

Address of YiLink (Ganzhou) Industrial Park:

YiLink Industial Centre, Shangyou County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province

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