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Dongguan one Ling Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Yi Ling is a diversified enterprise, adhering to the "cooperation, development and sharing" purpose, with shareholders, suppliers, customers and employees together through the nine years of development, the enterprise scale is continually growing and actively fulfill corporate social responsibility, corporate social responsibility and consciously put into the company's strategy, enterprise the culture and the production and business activities, and strive to build a harmonious enterprise.



 First, we provide shareholders (investors) to provide quality investment channels, to provide a good return on investment

The company constantly improve the corporate governance structure, perfecting the internal control system, standardize corporate action, guarantee to all shareholders of the fair, open and fair in the mechanism, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of all shareholders have all laws and regulations, the provisions of the.

 Two, we provide customers with high quality industry and excellent service

We continue to find and provide customers with more security, energy saving, environmental protection, affordable, and our suppliers to the quality of the industry to protect the enterprise.



  Three, we provide employees with competitive salary and welfare level and comprehensive protection

The company always adhere to the common development of employees, share the results of the development of enterprise management and faith, respect and care for employees, and promote the value of staff strength and ability to enhance. To establish a sound social security system for employees, in addition to the purchase of social pension insurance, medical insurance, work-related injury insurance, maternity insurance and unemployment insurance, but also for employees to buy accident insurance. And the purchase of housing for employees with subsidies or interest free loans. To provide employees with a variety of team activities, annual annual meeting of the organization's annual activities, anniversary activities, domestic and international travel, etc..

 Four, our commitment to the cause of social charity

We are fully aware of the enterprise as a social cell body, not only is the whole social wealth creators, is an important driver of social civilization, environment and sustainable development, and actively participate in various charitable activities.

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