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YILINK (headquarters)

Contact: Tang'R

Cell phone: 18028215220

Free phone: 400-660-1010

Fax number: 0769-82978391

E-mail: 4006601010@yilink.net

Zip code: 523688

Company address: Fenggang Town, Dongguan City, stone road, No. A88 Hua Zhaoxin Industrial Park, D6



YILINK(Shenzhen office)

Contact: 13612884770 (Xu Hangrong)

Fixed phone: 0755-36820576

Fax number: 0755-23284586

E-mail: Xuxr@yilink.net

Zip code: 518126

Company address: Shenzhen City, Baoan District Xixiang Road, building 903 street Biwan Biwan

YILINK(Shanghai branch)

Contact: 18918166954 (Lu Yongduo)

Fixed phone: 021-69925911

E-mail: luyd@yilink.cn

Zip code: 201802

Company address: No. 3911, Lane 95, Jiading District,, Shanghai

YILINK(Overseas business department)

Contact: 13322990481 (Chen Youmin)

Fixed phone: 86-755-28392600

Fax number: 86-755-28392367

E-mail: chenym@yilink.net

Zip code: 518116

Company address: Southern China development building, Pinghu Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen City,

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Dongguan Yilink Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional polymer lithium battery research and development, production, import and export sales of industrial groups, the company's main: polymer lithium batteries, polymer lithium batteries, custom lithium batteries, high temperature batteries, Batteries and other products business, free of charge Your hotline:400-660-1010,Yilink Electronics: polymer lithium battery experts, lighter, thinner and more secure.


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