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Polymer lithium ion battery

Capacity, size and performance requirements of customer products are rapidly upgrading, therefore, Yilink according to the current consumer electronic products and accessories IT lithium-ion battery for the latest fashion trends, to provide personalized service, personalized, accurate to every customer can be customized for battery solutions, and to achieve 8 days of delivery the term, to give the customer the most direct the most efficient service. Customizable battery categories are as follows:

●  Conventional polymer battery:

Usually refers to a conventional rectangular cell, conventional voltage of conventional current battery. Such is also the largest market demand for batteries, the capacity can be customized for a larger range, in general, can be customized for any rectangular 50~2wmAh battery. Usually used for consumer electronics, such as: Bluetooth speakers, mobile phones, MP3, tablet PCs, ultra-thin notebook. At the same time, Yilink characteristics of fast charging, long life and other properties can also be achieved in the polymer battery.

●  High rate battery:

The discharge rate of the battery refers to the current value of the battery in the prescribed time to release its rated capacity when it is equal to the number of battery rated capacity in the data value, usually with the letter C. Such as the nominal battery nominal capacity of 1C for the 500mAh (1 ratio), 250mAh is 0.5C, the market is more suitable for 5C, 10C, 15C, 20c, 30C. Usually used for remote control helicopter, ignition starter, outdoor self-defense equipment

● Ultra thin battery:

Ultra thin battery is a lithium battery that is less than the thickness of 2mm or below, and our company can achieve 0.65mm thickness. Generally used for key cards, birthday cards, tablet PCs.

● Curved cell:

Arc battery and the general battery is different is that its electric core presents a certain degree of curvature, its advantage is high performance stability. Commonly used in medical devices, health testing equipment, intelligent equipment and wristbands

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