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Company address: building, six floor, D Industrial Park, No. A88, No., Fenggang Town, town, Dongguan City

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Office Clerk

Job responsibilities: responsible for following up customer orders, production orders and related documents and reports.


1, age: 18-30 years of age, technical secondary school or above. (fresh graduates can also be)

2, skilled use of computer office software, have a sense of responsibility, work carefully, strong anti pressure.

3. Be able to skillfully use ERP system or have a merchandising experience preferred.

4, salary negotiable.

GODOWN keeper

Job responsibilities:

1, responsible for the warehouse daily materials out of storage, storage, inventory, etc.;

2, warehouse data statistics, archiving and system data input.


1, age: 18-35 years old, high school or above. (fresh graduates can also be)

2, familiar with the warehouse operation process, skilled use of computer office software operation;

3, more than one year related working experience, be familiar with ERP system is preferred.

4, salary negotiable.

Market sales

Job responsibilities and requirements:

1, 20-35 years old, college or college degree or above, more than one year sales experience in the market.

2, sales of product range: electronic products, digital products, intelligent technology products, batteries, etc..

3, polymer or storage batteries are familiar, engaged in lithium battery battery products: storage battery, power battery, electric tools and PACK product sales experience is preferred.

4, with strong business development capabilities and resource integration capabilities, with good communication and coordination capacity.

5, salary negotiable.

Battery technology engineer

Job responsibilities and requirements:

1, 20-35 years old, physical health, college degree or above.

2, familiar with the battery assembly, circuit and structure design.

3, have the battery industry technical experience more than one year is preferred.

4, able to draw circuit diagram or 3D structure.

5, salary negotiable.

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