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Dongguan Yilink electronics Technology Co.,Ltd


Dongguan Yilink Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Yilink Group, is professionally specialized in the research and development as well as the manufacturing of polymer lithium battery. With the registration and certification of CE, SGS, UKAS, ROHS, Yilink has set sail smoothly to the world. Since its establishment, Yilink has viewed the philosophy of cooperation, development and sharing as a paddle, and has regarded the ultimate goal of becoming your veritable “battery expert” as a sail. After ten years of trails and hardships, Yilink has become a professional enterprise engaged in the research and development, production, import and export of polymer lithium battery, and boasted a management and technical team, which is committed to the lithium battery industry with abundant experience. Armed with a superior geographical position located at the commanding height of Pearl River Delta Industrial Zone, quality products with high cost performance ratio, professional, comprehensive and meticulous market service, as well as the perfect administration, detailed control and thoughtful attitude, Yilink has been shaped as a solid ship with sophisticated equipment and technology to strive for a further advanced lithium battery technology in the world.

Corporate philosophy - cooperation, development, sharing is changeless concept of Yilink.



And shareholders, suppliers, customers, employees in-depth cooperation to the highest quality cost-effective products to customers responsible for the company to a competitive level of benefits and comprehensive protection of the staff responsible for the protection. Cooperation is the attitude of Yilink.

The company has an elite engaged in lithium battery industry veteran management and technical team, the company's core technology, the company's ongoing management innovation, and maintain the company's exuberant vitality, and a steady stream of development momentum. Development is the soul of Yilink.

And common development partners, and common progress and share the fruits of development, so that more people enjoy the development of high-quality products to bring Ling and full-service. Sharing is the character of Yilink.

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Dongguan Yilink Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional polymer lithium battery research and development, production, import and export sales of industrial groups, the company's main: polymer lithium batteries, polymer lithium batteries, custom lithium batteries, high temperature batteries, Batteries and other products business, free of charge Your hotline:400-660-1010,Yilink Electronics: polymer lithium battery experts, lighter, thinner and more secure.


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