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EAZ floor sweeping machine A6 series

Battery capacity: 2400mAh
Product size: 350 x H80mm
. Input voltage: AC100~240V
Battery voltage: 14.4V
Power: 25W
Adapter output: 24V/600mA
Capacity: 0.4L
Walking speed: 16.5-18.5cm/sec

The Number: 400-660-1010 Consuit
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Main functions and features of EAZ sweeping machine (A6)

1, ultra-thin structure design

2, high security grade polymer lithium battery 130 minutes of work time

3, infrared remote control

4, no more than 60 dB low noise

5, sense of science and technology touch function LED display

6, self recognition anti fall, collision avoidance function

7, weak electricity from the search for charging

8, reservation / timing function

9, conditional reflection virtual wall settings

10, intelligent voice prompts

11, super vacuum suction up to 0.5kpa

12, the diversification of intelligent planning mode: automatic cleaning cleaning / cleaning / cleaning / key border bow shaped cleaning

13, intelligent dust induction, focusing on cleaning function

14, the battery cycle life of up to more than 1000 times


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